What to do in and around Ponga

nature and mountains

The Parque Natural de Ponga, was declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco 2018, has among its main attractions the Peloño forest, one of the largest and best preserved beech forests in Spain, with the category of Partial Natural Reserve.

Pico con nubes

Casielles. The so-called “pequeño Alpe d’Huez” for cycling enthusiasts, where 23 hairpin bends on a steep mountain road lead to the top of the village, located in the very centre of the desfiladero de los Beyos. At the top of the village, next to the small church, the view is spectacular.

The route that ascends to Pico Pierzu from Collado Llomena (Ponga) following the route signposted as PR AS-211, could be defined as the best possible route if what we want is to enjoy an unparalleled viewpoint of the mountains of central-eastern Asturias, at a relatively low cost.

A relatively easy climb and distance, a signposted route with unparalleled scenery, makes this one of the most beautiful peaks in our region. Choosing the day is a key factor in enjoying it. If possible, we should look for a completely clear day, so that once at the top we realise why we climbed up there.

The ascent to Tiatordos is one of the most rewarding routes we can do in the council. The route offers no significant technical difficulties, it is a more or less defined mountain path marked with red dots up to the summit. The last stretch, from the Fitos to the peak, is a bit more complicated as you have to cross some large rocky sections, although it is not dangerous in any case. The biggest risk factor when doing this route is the appearance of fog, as it can disorientate us and complicate the way back to find the entrance to the forest of La Bufona, it is advisable to use a GPS or choose a sunny day.

As for the physical difficulty; it is a route that has a lot of unevenness and the path is sometimes very steep, the surface is uneven, with stones, mud, branches, etc… All this makes it physically demanding. Despite the short distance (7.2 km), it usually takes between 3 – 4 hours to reach the summit and between 2 – 3 hours to complete the descent.

Activities near the council

The beaches of Llanes, Covadonga, Lagos or Ribadesella are less than an hour from the hotel and Cangas de Onís is 23 km away, where you can complement your stay with activities such as canoeing down the Sella river, horse riding, canyoning, hiking, etc.